💼 Work experience

Sr. Software Engineer


jan. 2020 - present

Working as a software engineer in different projects from streaming services to e-learning platforms US based companies.

  • Refactored and developed new features for a tech demo app for a major communciations and streaming services company.
  • Currently working on new feature for a e-learning platform for a major publisher.

Node.js React MongoDB Express Sass

Lead Software Developer


jul 2019 - dec. 2020

Led the newly formed TravelPAQ outsourcing team and was part of one of Plataforma 10’s core back-end teams.

  • Onboarded and trained new outsourcing team members on Plataforma 10’s tech stack
  • As part of Platforma 10’s Buses team, worked on two new service provider integrations, and generated stress test suites.
  • Prepared profiling reports of an API built with GraphQL
  • Carried out maintenance and improvement of core business APIs.

Node.js .NET ELK Stack JavaScript Sentry GraphQL SQL Server

Lead Software Developer


oct. 2018 - jun. 2019

Developed a major web-based contractor documentation control system, which consisted of three client web apps, a Single Sign-On service built from scratch and a RESTful API.

  • Led a three-person team to build the first version of the system for an early adopter of the MINEXUS's audit services.
  • Designed the general architecture of the system and the main database schema.
  • Developed the client applications, which were a web front-end in Vue served by an Express application.
  • Developed the Single Sign On service following the Password Grant flow from OAuth 2.0
  • Generated the requirements of the RESTful API.

Vue.js Node.js Express Javascript CakePHP MySQL Docke AWS

Full-stack web developer


jul. 2017 - nov.2018

Worked in the main development team at TravelPAQ.

  • Maintained and improved back-office applications for tour package operators and online travel agencies.
  • Developed a website whitelabel system for travel agencies to offer and sell tour packages online.
  • Helped in the migration of the main ETL business process from a monolithic to a microservice-based architecture, exploring serverless solutions.

CakePHP Javascript AngularJS Node.js Express Java AWS

Full-stack web developer (freelance)


mar. 2017 - jun. 2017

Developed an inventory control system.

  • Designed, documented and implemented the entire system, using a real-time web app development framework.

Javascript MeteorJS MongoDB

Web Developer Intern

Excelencia S. I.

oct. 2015- apr.2016

Maintained and improved web applications.

  • Implemented functionalities and provided maintenance of web applications for administration of health care institutions.

.NET Framework Javascript AngularJS

🎓 Education

Degree in Computer Science

National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina

In progress

Associate's Degree in Programming

National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina

December 2018

👨‍🔬 Research projects

👨‍💻 Techincal skills

  •   RESTful API design, specification and development.
  •   Front-end frameworks including Vue and Angular.
  •   Back-end technologies including NodeJS, .NET Framework/Core and PHP
  •   Database design and implementation, including MySQL and MongoDB.
  •   Infrastructure services management, including AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3, Lambda, Cloudwatch) and Firebase.
  •   DevOps tools implementation, such as Docker, Git, Gitlab CI/CD.

🤗 Personal skills

  •   Self-management, sincere communication and teamwork mindset – I worked several times as a remote developer achieving excellent results.
  •   Team management – in my role at MINEXUS, I led a three developers team to build a web based system.
  •   Resilience and willingness to learn – when working for Plataforma 10, I adapted myself to a technology which I didn’t have prior professional experience with in less than a month.

🙋‍♂️ Volunteer experience

Technical team member

University Volunteer Program: “Towards Technological Inclusion”

nov. 2016 - apr. 2017

  • I was in charge of organizing a seminar on accessibility technologies in computing and mobile devices
  • Gave a workshop on accessibility tools on Android devices for people with reduced visual ability

Spanish translation team member


feb. 2017 - mar. 2017

  • I was in charge of organizing a seminar on accessibility technologies in computing and mobile devices
  • Gave a workshop on accessibility tools on Android devices for people with reduced visual ability

🎨 Interests

I am a relaxed person who likes to read, watch movies and listen to music on my spare time. I also play the guitar and record my songs once in a while. I like cycling and running and enjoy watching football.

I am also interested in artificial intelligence including not only it’s technical implications, but also the more philosophical ones.

I enjoy a good coffee and a nice conversation :)