05 Oct 2019

RESTful APIs with Node.js introductory course

Last year (2019) I had the opportunity to give an introductory course on building RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express. This was in the context of a job training plan from my city goverment. The idea was to give CS and IT students tools and abilities to supply the demand of jobs for local startups and IT companies.

The course covered from basic Node.js and web concepts, all the way trough deploying the API in a Heroku. Along the way we saw REST architecture concepts, how to build a OAS3 (swagger) documentation, how to test the API using Postman.

This was my first experience giving a tech course. There were more than 20 students attending the course and they were really enthusiastic about the topics and specially the hands-on parts. After the course finished, some of them got internships and part-time jobs, so that was great!

Here's the github repo with the code that we produced each class, and here are the presentations for each class (spanish only at the moment).