20 May 2020

App for healthy walks during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of my city decided to implement a protocol for temporary exits so that people could carry out physical activity in green points (squares, parks, etc.) near their homes.

They contacted me to develop an application tospread the information of these points among the citizens. In the app, people could search for the closest point to their homes, displaying it on a map.

The solution for this project consisted of:

  • A Progressive Web Application (PWA) built with React for the citizens. The reason for choosing a PWA and not a mobile application was the ease of distribution (during the pandemic the application stores lengthened their review times).
  • A back-office application implemented in Node.js (using Express + Typescript) and MongoDB to store the data, so that the government people could upload the information from the enabled green points.

The project was developed over the long period of a weekend! It was really hard work in conjunction with a local development company that was in charge of the design and management of infrastructure. The result was the application that you can see in this link.