About me

Software engineer with ~4 years of experience in the IT industry, with main focus on Javascript and it’s related ecosystem. I have also worked with different languages and frameworks including .NET, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, AngularJS, among others. I have worked successfully on projects and developed web applications for several companies.

I consider myself a fast learner, always eager to take on new challenges and willing to keep on learning and improving my skills.

Work experience

Lead Software Developer


jul 2019 - dec. 2020

Led the newly formed TravelPAQ outsourcing team and was part of one of Plataforma 10’s core back-end teams.

  • Onboarded and trained new outsourcing team members on Plataforma 10’s tech stack
  • As part of Platforma 10’s Buses team, worked on two new service provider integrations, and generated stress test suites.
  • Prepared profiling reports of an API built with GraphQL
  • Carried out maintenance and improvement of core business APIs.

Tech & tools: Node.js, .NET Framework, .NET Core, ELK Stack, JavaScript, Sentry, GraphQL and SQL Server.

Lead Software Developer


oct. 2018 - jun. 2019

Developed a major web-based contractor documentation control system, which consisted of three client web apps, a Single Sign-On service built from scratch and a RESTful API.

  • Led a three-person team to build the first version of the system for an early adopter of the MINEXUS's audit services.
  • Designed the general architecture of the system and the main database schema.
  • Developed the client applications, which were a web front-end in Vue served by an Express application.
  • Developed the Single Sign On service following the Password Grant flow from OAuth 2.0
  • Generated the requirements of the RESTful API.

Tech & tools: Vue.js, Node.js, Express, Javascript, CakePHP, MySQL, Docker and AWS (Cloudwatch, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk).

Full-stack web developer


jul. 2017 - nov.2018

Worked in the main development team at TravelPAQ.

  • Maintained and improved back-office applications for tour package operators and online travel agencies.
  • Developed a website whitelabel system for travel agencies to offer and sell tour packages online.
  • Helped in the migration of the main ETL business process from a monolithic to a microservice-based architecture, exploring serverless solutions.

Tech & tools: CakePHP, Javascript, AngularJS, Node.js, Express, Java and AWS (Lambda, Cloudwatch, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk).

Full-stack web developer (freelance)


mar. 2017 - jun. 2017

Developed an inventory control system.

  • Designed, documented and implemented the entire system, using a real-time web app development framework.

Tech & tools: Javascript, MeteorJS and MongoDB.

Web Developer Intern

Excelencia S. I.

oct. 2015- apr.2016

Maintained and improved web applications.

  • Implemented functionalities and provided maintenance of web applications for administration of health care institutions.

Tech & tools: .NET Framework, Javascript and AngularJS


Degree in Computer Science

National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina

In progress

Techinal Degree in Programming

National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina

December 2018

Research projects

Techincal skills

  •   RESTful API design, specification and development.
  •   Front-end frameworks including Vue and Angular.
  •   Back-end technologies including NodeJS, .NET Framework/Core and PHP
  •   Database design and implementation, including MySQL and MongoDB.
  •   Infrastructure services management, including AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3, Lambda, Cloudwatch) and Firebase.
  •   DevOps tools implementation, such as Docker, Git, Gitlab CI/CD.

Personal skills

  •   Self-management, sincere communication and teamwork mindset – I worked several times as a remote developer achieving excellent results.
  •   Team management – in my role at MINEXUS, I led a three developers team to build a web based system.
  •   Resilience and willingness to learn – when working for Plataforma 10, I adapted myself to a technology which I didn’t have prior professional experience with in less than a month.

Volunteer experience

Technical team member

University Volunteer Program: “Towards Technological Inclusion”

nov. 2016 - apr. 2017

  • I was in charge of organizing a seminar on accessibility technologies in computing and mobile devices
  • Gave a workshop on accessibility tools on Android devices for people with reduced visual ability

Spanish translation team member


feb. 2017 - mar. 2017

  • I was in charge of organizing a seminar on accessibility technologies in computing and mobile devices
  • Gave a workshop on accessibility tools on Android devices for people with reduced visual ability


I am a relaxed person who likes to read, watch movies and listen to music on my spare time. I also play the guitar and record my songs once in a while. I like cycling and running and enjoy watching football.

I am also interested in artificial intelligence including not only it’s technical implications, but also the more philosophical ones.

I enjoy a good coffee and a nice conversation :)